Information for Patients

Dr. Madhani is affiliated with Richmond Hospital and has a community practice in Kerrisdale Vancouver, whose specialty includes neuromuscular neurology. 

Dr. Madhani is continuing to accept new General Neurology and EMG referrals. Telemedicine presently will be the initial means of assessment and a follow-up in person will be coordinated only if absolutely required. Only urgent/emergent EMG/Nerve Conduction referrals will be accepted and non urgent referrals will be placed on a waitlist and seen as soon as it is deemed safe by public health officer.​ These are in keeping the with the current Ministry of Health recommendations. 




Patient safety is of the utmost priority. BCCDC guidelines are being followed to protect our neurology patients.

  • Patients who have traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.

  • Patients who have come in contact with COVID-19 positive patients.

  • Patients who have fever, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and/or  cough.

  • Patients are requested to come to their appointments unaccompanied to limit non essential contact.  

  • Ensure you are outside the building 10 -15 minutes prior to your appointment. Ensure you have a phone available as our medical office assistant (MOA) may call to give you instructions on when to come in for your appointment. Please wait in your car if possible. 

  • Before entering the building wash your hands with hand sanitizer.

  • Wear a personal mask from home if you have one.

  • Waiting areas are strictly for patients only. 

  • Patients in waiting areas need to keep a 6 meter distance from staff and each other.

  • Leave non essential items at home. Please leave coats and handbags in your vehicle when possible.

  • Please have your personal health card and picture id with you placed in a new ziploc bag. 

  • Each time you touch your face ensure you again wash your hands with sanitizer

  • The doctor will be wearing a mask and eye protection during your visit. Only pertinent parts of the physical exam will be conducted. 

  • After the assessment the doctor will include requested family members and friends in a phone consult to discuss the impression and care plan. If these members have accompanied the patient they should wait outside the building and if possible in the car.

Dr. Madhani and staff will continue to follow exemplary hygiene practices.  Staff are surveillanced for symptoms of COVID-19 daily. 

Phone calls will be answered and messages returned.​ Thank you for your patience during this time.