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FEES FOR PRIVATE SERVICES (all fees before tax)

1. Botox Non-Cosmetic (Cost of Medications + Injection Fee)
  • Cost of Medication

    • This will depend on the coverage you have through extended health benefits and is independent of Injection fee

  • Injection Fees

    • BC Pharmacare may cover the cost of Botox injections for dystonia, spasticity, and blepharospasm if a special authority is submitted and if you qualify for medication coverage through Pharmacare.

      • Blepharospasm                                       Covered by MSP

      • Cervical Dystonia                                    Covered by MSP

      • Spasticity                                                  Covered by MSP 

    • Botox for other indications is a Private Pay service

      • Migraine PREMPT                                     $250

      • TMJ or Cervicogenic Headache            $250

2. Botox Cosmetic                                                     
  • Generally, of $ 10-15 per unit injected this includes the cost of either Dysport or Botox and the injection fee.

  • To be injected with Dysport you will need to arrange for payment of the medication in advance of your appointment.

3. No Show or Late Fee Cancellation Fee
  • Please note you will be charged a fee for a late cancellation (under 72-hours) or missed appointments based on the appointment length and type.

  • These fees will range from $150-250.

  • Rationale:

    • There are many people waiting for these appointments and access to specialist care by Dr. Madhani

    • Late cancellation will not allow sufficient time to fit another waiting patient into the doctors schedule.

    • Not showing up for a scheduled appointment prevents another patient who is in need care from seeing the specialist.

4. Completion of forms
  • The BC Medical Services Plan does not pay physicians for the time required to complete forms or for appointments set up specifically to discuss or complete paperwork.

  • Rates: Generally, the rate is billed based on $150/15 minutes.

    • 3rd party insurance for medication coverage $150

5. Private Pay Non-MSP Coverage Patients
  • Neurological Initial Consultation

    • Frist 45 minutes $465.00

    • Each additional 15 minutes $131.00

  • Neurological Follow-up

    • First 15 minutes $78.20

    • Each Additional 15 minutes $82.40

  • Add on EMG in Addition to Initial and Follow-up fees

    • EMG Interpretation by MD $465 plus

    • EMG Technical Fee MD $78.70

6. Private Pay K Laser
  • Initial Consult for Management includes First Treatment

    • $135

  • Follow-up K Laser depends on treatment time

    • $90-100

7. Private Medicolegal Services and Independent Medical Examination IME
  • $475/ per hour

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