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Email is not a secure method of transferring personal health information.  It is our clinic’s strict policy that the clinic MOA email account should not be used to send personal health information. This Policy is strictly adhered without exception. Additionally, the clinic MOA account is not a means to communicate with Dr. Madhani.

All emails not respecting this policy will be securely destroyed to safeguard against risks.


All communication between Dr. Madhani and the patient must occur during scheduled appointment times and should respect appointment boundaries including appointment time limitations, respect other patient appointment times which follow and should be pertinent to addressing the referral question asked by the referring physician.  



The rationale for this policy is to prevent negative impacts to patient care.  These include but are not limited to difficulties confirming the identity of the patient in an incoming email and difficulties ensuring the correct recipient with only the patient’s name and email address as other patients in the practice may have similar names.  

Additionally, there is the risks of misinterpreting the content of an email which may lead to adverse health consequences.   There are inherent risks to email communication which can result in serious privacy and security issues as email can be intercepted by unauthorized parties, as well can be altered and forwarded to unintended recipients. The personal health information being emailed may leave Canada during transmission, and may be subject to laws in other jurisdictions that have inadequate protections or no protections at all.

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